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ÉLAN is designed to boost enzymatic activity and nutrient absorption in the plant by significantly improving the plant’s metabolism. This perfect blend of Fulvic and Humic acid comes topped with - Amino Acids, which are the basic building blocks for proteins crucial for healthy plant development. It also contains Arctic seaweed - packed with trace elements, proteins, vitamins, natural plant growth regulators and enzymes. All of this helps: - kick off root production - prevent the dropping of fruits and leaves at early stages - promote cell division, cell enlargement, flowering, fruiting and seed formation - enhance terpenes production during flowering by boosting the immune system Add ÉLAN through the growing and flowering period to increase the sugar content of your plant, which results in bigger, sweeter and more awesome flowers, fruits and buds. It ensures rapid root development and growth, and helps the plant respond to environmental stress by strengthening its natural defense system. Crazy stuff! ÉLAN IS A BIOSTIMULANT "individually approved according to §9a DMG 1994" FOR HOBBY GARDENING, HORTICULTURE AND AGRICULTURE and is according to (EC) No 889/2008 and (EC) No 834/2007 suitable for organic farming.


ÉLAN is designed for indoor or outdoor cultivation of all types of plants, including flowers, fruit, herbs, ornamental plants, vegetables, hemp or medicinal crops grown in garden soils, potting soils, soilless media or hydroponics systems. Use ÉLAN at least once per week and begin application within first week of transplanting.

General feeding: Mix 10-40 ml / 10 L of water. Repeat application with each watering or as needed.

Houseplants: Mix 10 ml per 10 L of water. Repeat application every two weeks in spring and summer and once a month in fall and winter.

Foliar feeding: Mix 10-20 / 10 L of water. Apply weekly or as needed during the early stage of plant growth. Do not apply while plants are under direct light.

Hydroponics: 20 - 40 ml/1000 L nutrient solution during the cultivation cycle


Seaweed (extract from Ascophyllum nodosum), Humic acids, Amino acids, iron chelate, water


75% organic matter

0.9 % N nitrogen, total • 0.01 % P2O5 Phosphate, total • 0.5 % K2O Potassium oxide, water soluble


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Crazy Hills - Elan

Crazy Hills - Elan