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NPK 2-3-3

PROSPER the budding, flowering and fruiting phase of your plant with this all-natural blend. It supplies essential nutrients that are ideal for maximizing bud, flower, fruit and seed production.

This ideal blend offers the best NPK balance required to ensure a natural boost of essential oils, resins and terpenes for all flowering and fruiting crops. Designed to increase the amount of phosphorus available to your plant, this unique formulation encourages the growth of strong and prosperous buds, flowers, fruits and veggies, yielding crazy good fragrances!  

PROSPER IS AN ORGANIC MINERAL FERTILIZERS FOR HOBBY GROWERS AND PROFESSIONAL CULTIVATION that is according to (EC) No 889/2008 and (EC) No 834/2007 suitable for organic farming. 


PROSPER is designed for indoor or outdoor cultivation of all types of plants, including flowers, fruit, herbs, ornamental plants, vegetables, hemp or medicinal crops grown in garden soils, potting soils, or soilless media. Use PROSPER at least once per week and begin application upon first signs of flowering.

General feeding: Mix 20-30 ml / 10 L of water. Repeat application with each watering, or as needed.

Houseplants: Mix 10 ml per 10 L of water. Apply solution around the base of plants. Repeat application every two weeks in spring and summer and once a month in fall and winter.

Foliar feeding: Mix 10-20 / 10 L of water. Apply weekly or as needed during the early stage of plant growth. Do not apply while plants are under direct light.


Vinasse (sugar beet) • Soft rock phosphate • Seaweed • Iron sulfate • Dolomite • Copper oxychloride • Zincite


65% organic matter

Macronutrients: 2 % N nitrogen, total • 3 % P2O5 Phosphate, total • 3 % K2O Potassium oxide, water soluble • 5.6 % Ca Calcium, total • 0,3 % Mg Magnesium, total • 1.0 % S Sulphur, total

Micronutrients: 0.1 % Cu Copper, total • 0,1 % Fe Iron, water soluble • 0.2 % Mn Manganese, total • 0.2 % Zn Zinc, total


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Crazy Hills - Prosper

Crazy Hills - Prosper