Osram Plantastar 250W High Pressure Sodium - Dual


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Osram Made by: Osram

Specially matched to the absorption spectrum for photosynthesis

- For faster, healthier plant growth
- Extremely constant photon flux
- Very high luminous efficacy of up to 145 lm/W
- Robust shockproof lamp design with elastic support for the burner
- High-quality corrosion-resistant base, ideal for use in moist surroundings


Commercial horticulture to enable all-round production of plants and vegetables

Plant production for research purposes

Photo-exposure of grass on sports pitches

Product reference PLANTASTAR inter 250 W 
Wattage 250 W 
System wattage 285 W 
Operating voltage 230 V 
Lamp voltage 100 V 
Ignition voltage min./max. 4/5 kVs
Lamp current 3.0 A 
Line current compensated at cos ö 0.9 1.5 A 
Luminous flux 33 200 lm 
Photon flux 420 ìmol/s 
Electrode gap 65 mm 
Light center length a 158 mm 
Diameter d 46 mm 
Length l max. 257 mm 
Base E40 
Burning position universal 
Max. perm. outer bulb temperature 400 °C 
Max. perm. base edge temperature 250 °C 
P.f. corr. capacitor at 50 Hz cos ö 0.9 32 ìF 
Recommended life 12 000 h 
(failure rate < 5 %, photon flux > 90 %)  
SpectreGrowth and Bloom


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Osram Plantastar 250W High Pressure Sodium - Dual

Osram Plantastar 250W High Pressure Sodium - Dual