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Medical Seeds Made by: Medical Seeds

Cannabis seeds are illegal in many countries. Please verify local and national laws of your Country. Mr. Smart declines every responsibility for improper/illegal use of these seeds, which are intended for collection purposes.
TypeMostly Sativa
Flowering11-12 Weeks
THCover 20%

Description of Medical Seeds:

Vegetative period indoor: 2-3 weeks.

Indoor flowering period: 11-13 weeks.

 Interior / m 2 : 600 grams.

 Outdoor height: 3-3.5 meters.

 Harvest outdoors northern hemisphere mid-October. 
Harvest outdoors, Southern Hemisphere: mid April.

 Outdoor production / plant: 600-800 gr. 
Genotype: Top Secret.

 THC: High.

 CBD: Low.


1024 Features


1024 combines all: taste, smell, production, presence and power. It's the perfect plan, we feel proud of this crossing.

It fits perfectly to all cropping systems (organic coconut, hydroponic ...). If conditions are optimal level of THC can be very high. Note that you can not be recommended for novice smokers.

We must also say that it is highly recommended for outdoor crops by the extremely high production has. Being sativa ancestry can develop a more remarkable size buds with spectacular levels resin. In addition 1024 it has an average content in CBD which means that gives medicinal properties.

The truth is that define its taste is really complex, a number of nuances are combined, all at the same time (sweet, musky, spicy, fruity), but also can find a phenotype more acidic with hints of incense.

In conclusion 1024 is a grateful variety because of its high performance (both indoors and outdoors, but especially the latter), suitable for novice growers for the more experienced.





3rd Hidro - Winter Cup 2016 Barcelona ACMF

2nd Best Sativa - Neuro Pacific Cup 2014 Chile

1 Extraction - Spannabis cup 2011 Barcelona

2nd Interior - Zaragoza Cup 2009

3rd Hidro - El Punto 2009 are You Málaga

1 Extraction - Navarra Cup 2009

TypeMostly Sativa
Comprehensive life cycle11-12 Weeks
THCover 20%


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Medical Seeds - 1024

Medical Seeds - 1024