Barney's Farm - Orange Sherbert


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Barney's Farm Made by: Barney's Farm

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TypeMostly Indica
Flowering9-10 Weeks

Description of Barney's Farm:

Orange Sherbert is a powerful and invigorating Indica-dominant hybrid that is not only intoxicating but also delicious. An all-American strain that combines Orange Cream, Purple Urkle and Cherry Pie in an amazing candy/orange-flavoured plant, Orange Sherbert produces surprisingly dense orange and purple flowers with an incomparable taste. The very relaxing Indica effect leaves body and mind in a peaceful and calm state. Orange Sherbert is extremely easy to grow. The plants grow up to 1.3 metres tall and produce huge and delicious flowers that should be supported on the side branches in the last weeks of flowering.

TypeMostly Indica
Comprehensive life cycle9-10 Weeks


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Barney's Farm - Orange Sherbert

Barney's Farm - Orange Sherbert