Clean Urin 25ml


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Completely synthetic mobile urine. Produced at CleanU labs in Germany under the watchful eyes of our head biotechnologist.

  • Synthetic urine is equivalent to healthy human urine
  • Three different indentification marks (red / green yellow) indicate different values in the urine such as pH and creatinine values (all values within the normal range found in a healthy human)
  • CleanUrin is not an urine cleaner meant for drinking; it is completely synthetic urine ready for day-to-day use
  • All sachets contain synthetic urine that is equivalent in all relevant parameters to the urine of a healthy, sober person
  • Passes all common tests for falsification
  • Unbeaten since 2006 = 100% customer satisfaction

* CleanUrin may not be used to falsify drug tests/checks/examinations etc.


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Clean Urin 25ml

Clean Urin 25ml