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No Mercy - Co2 Tabs


CO2 TABS 60 pieces

For fast and luxuriant growth and flowering of your plants!

CO2-Tabs is a revolutionary product specially developed for fast growing plants on any substrate. In the past, expensive and complicated air systems provided additional carbon dioxide (CO2). Now these tabs are available: revolutionary, cheap, simple and very effective!

slow plant growth is often caused by a lack of carbon dioxide (CO2) 

CO2 is an important and necessary food source for plants.

If your plants or cuttings are healthy, use one tablet per 100 litres of water. Simply add the tablet to the fertiliser solution. One pack contains 60 tablets. .

NOTE: Adding CO2 just before nightfall does not produce any results! During the dark hours the plant does not absorb any Co2. The tabs bind CO2 in water for about 4 to 6 hours and are available to the plant during this period.


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No Mercy - Co2 Tabs

No Mercy - Co2 Tabs