G-Spot - BHO butane gas extractor


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G-Spot Made by: G-Spot

for extraction of herbs, BHO Extraction 

Tube / Borosilicateglass 3.3 
cap / plastic incl. hose clip 

Pipe diameter: 50 mm 
Length: 300 mm W
allthickness: 5.0 mm 


  • Fill the ground shake/trim/bud (or combination thereof) into the glass tube (not too muchl).
  • Put the filter into the cap of the tube and put the cap on the glass tube than fix the cap with the hose clip!
  • Hold the extractorfilter-side down over a bowl, i.e. the end with the single hole is on top, the five other openings on the bottom.
  • Fit the tip of the butane can into the single hole and press down hard until the can is empty. Wait about 30 seconds or so for the butane and the extract to flow out the bottom of the Extractor.
  • Wait for the butane to evaporate completely, approx. 20 minutes. To speed up the evaporation, put the bowl into another bowl of warm water.
  • Scrape the oil off the bowl.
  • Use Gauntlets /safety gloves by the extracting process.


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G-Spot - BHO butane gas extractor

G-Spot - BHO butane gas extractor