Piecemaker - Steel trichome press


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PIECEMAKER - the pocket size press

Perfectly manufactured stainless steel press
100 % tasteless and food-safe

extremely high-grade steel (X10CrNis189)
3,000 kg maximum pressure â?? no deformation of the material

no loss of material
Tenth-of-a-millimetre exact fit

Rolled thread
No abrasion â?? no metal pieces        
The Piecemaker is a precisely manufactured compression-press made of food-safe high-grade steel.

The extremely hard X10CrNis189 stainless steel has been used to avoid abrasion (high pressure warp resistant â?? abrasion-proof thread)

The rolled thread made from the same type of stainless steel provides for an incredible 3,000 kg pressure (at maximum).

Due to the Piecemaker? patented design (reg. no. 210313) an optimal heat supply is possible before or during the pressing process without deteriorating the material.

No material is wasted due to the tenth-of-a-millimeter-exact fit.

It only needs two simple movements to take the Piecemaker apart for cleaning.


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Piecemaker - Steel trichome press

Piecemaker - Steel trichome press