Cultilene - Rockwool Cube 7,5x7,5cm


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Cultilene Made by: Cultilene

Consistent and uncompromising quality

Stone wool is made of natural raw materials. At the same time, our substrate solutions are the result of an advanced and fully controlled process. This means that the offer maximum controllability and can be fully adapted to the circumstances and needs of our customers.

The advantages of Cultilène stone wool substrate

  • An industrial product, manufactured to detailed specifications
  • Inert and germ-free
  • Optimal homogeneity, accurate controllability
  • Suitable for automated operation
  • Savings on water, nutrients and energy
  • Excellent recyclability


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Cultilene - Rockwool Cube 7,5x7,5cm

Cultilene - Rockwool Cube 7,5x7,5cm